Case Studies

“ORC have worked on a number of our projects including large church roofs, including most notably with their ‘Stormflex’ system at St Michael’s Aberystwyth and St Mair’s Aberystwyth. Both churches are listed.

We and our clients are extremely happy with the result of ORC’s work. For example, many slates were lost and/or slipped at 2014 St Michael’s during gale-force winds. The cost of roof renewal was far in excess of what could be afforded, and therefore the ‘Stormflex’ system was quite literally a Godsend at a fraction of the renewal figure.  Since installation there have been further gale-force winds but not one slate has moved.

One advantage of the ‘Stormflex’ system is that original slates are retained and the roof retains its ‘breathability’.  Costs are also reduced by virtue of the fact that a minimal amount of scaffolding is required by ORC, as their operatives work off ropes and roof ladders.   As regards the ORC team, we have found them at all times to be some of the most friendly and approachable contractors with whom we have worked.

Based on our experience to date we have no hesitation in commending ORC and ‘Stormflex’. ”

Rory Wilson IHBC RIBA for Catalina Architecture Ltd